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Roof Advisor

                     Whether you would like to save money on roofing expenses, find a trustworthy, local roofer or learn more about roofing maintenance or repairs, I sincerely hope my website is beneficial to you. I created the Roof Advisor website to help people just like you.

Why am I doing all this? Well, the answer is simple. I was in the roofing industry all of my working life. Now I am retired, I wanted something positive to do with my spare time. What better way to spend my time than to help others?

Another reason I created the Roof Advisor website is that I’m sick and tired of seeing people get scammed by rogue roofers. If I can help just one person avoid being scammed, then all the time it’s taken me to create this site would have been worth it.

Not only do I want to help you avoid being ripped off by con artists, but I would like to share my valuable knowledge with you. You might like to read my article about how to save money on roofing costs it has become very popular.

Roofs are expensive. Anything to do with roof replacement, roof repair, or adding to a roof comes with a hefty price tag. Hopefully, my recommendations of trustworthy, local roofers and suppliers will benefit you financially as well as keeping your stress levels to a minimum.

Don’t Take Your Roof for Granted!

Do you take your roof for granted? If your roof blew away in the wind right now, would you miss it? Of course, you would. Let’s face it; your roof is the most important part of your home. Without a roof, you and your family would have perished a long time ago. I know it’s a gruesome thought, but it’s a fact. It’s amazing how many of us take our roof granted, isn’t it? We very rarely even look up at our roof, yet it keeps us warm and dry all year round.

A whopping 60% of homeowners pay little attention to their roof until something goes wrong with it. As soon as we notice a wet patch in the ceiling, broken slates on the floor or the chimneystack about to collapse we begin to panic. The first thought that usually pops into people’s minds is “how much is this going to cost,” followed by I need a roofer – quick!

Usually, the next step is to do a search on Google for local roofers or look in the local paper. Unfortunately, this is where many people fall prey to cowboy roofers. (For those who don’t know, a cowboy roofer is a term used for rogue traders who are not professionals).

You’re desperate for your roof to be repaired or replaced and they need the money! It’s like a match made in hell if you don’t do your homework.

WARNING: Do not Hire a Roofer until You Hear This:

According to the Telegraph, up to a third of property owners in the UK are avoiding home improvements because of rogue traders. Home improvements, in general, refers to roofers, builders, joiners, etc.

If you only take one thing away from the Roof Advisor website, make sure it’s this – do some RESEARCH before you hire a roofer! I can’t stress this enough! Your bank account will thank you for it in the future.

Listen: I spent my entire work life in the roofing industry, and you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen and the stories I’ve heard.

You wouldn’t believe how many fall prey to being charged extortionate amounts of money for relatively small jobs. If I had a penny for every time I’ve been told about an old lady being charged ridiculous sums of money for replacing a few roof tiles, I could have retired five years ago. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get my point. It happens all of the time. Here’s a perfect example.

Here’s the Number 1 Reason to Avoid Cowboy Roofers at all Costs!

I need you to pay very careful attention to what I am writing here. It’s important. Preventable accidents are all too common. I’ve seen grown men fall off roofs, ladders and scaffolding never to walk again. Unfortunately, these incidents could have been avoided if they followed the proper health and safety procedures. Rogue roofers are usually more interested in making quick money than thinking about their safety.

If you hire a roofer to carry out work on a roof, the roofer has to use scaffolding for their own safety.

It’s up to you to make sure the roofers you hire are working safely and legally. Failure to do so could end in disaster.

The roofing industry is rife with unqualified and inexperienced people claiming to be roofers. They usually learned a thing or two from their “uncle Jerry” who knows a bit about roofing, or they might have watched a YouTube video about how to repair a roof. Would you want someone with this level of training walking around on your roof? I didn’t think so.

You only have to search online for cowboy roofers in the UK, and you will find all sorts of horror stories about how people have been ripped off. Don’t be one of those people, do some research first before hiring anyone.

The Internet makes it much easier for cowboy roofers to fool people into believing they are a legitimate roofing company. All they need is a Facebook page, and they have an unlimited supply of fresh victims who can’t resist a bargain (until it’s too late).

I will do my very best to help you avoid hiring a cowboy roofer. I will point out as many of the tell-tale signs as I can think of. Hopefully, it will help you to make an informed choice. However, there is no sure-fire way to avoid them 100% of the time. In the unfortunate event, you have hired a cowboy roofer; I will provide you with information on what to do about it.

Here’s 8 Ways Roof Advisor Will Benefit You

  • You will learn how to save money on expensive roof projects
  • You will learn how much you should be paying for jobs on your roof
  • You will learn how to spot cowboy roofers
  • You will learn how to carry out basic roof maintenance
  • You will learn health and safety procedures roofers should be adhering to
  • You will learn how to deal with rogue traders if you suspect you have hired one
  • You will be able to find highly rated, trustworthy, professional roofers near where you live
  • You will learn how to seek out legal advice if you have been the victim of a rogue roofer