Break Down the Cost of Skip Hire Prices & Save Money

If you are planning on having a roof replacement or repairs to your roof, you may be wondering how much it is all going to cost. If that sounds like you, I have written this skip hire price guide to help you break down the costs of skip hire. Hopefully, you will find my skip hire price guide useful, and there is a good chance you might even save some money!

I have also written another guide to help you figure out the costs of scaffolding for your roof project. Read through this skip hire price guide to find out the prices of hiring a skip for a new roof, and once you’re finished reading through the scaffolding hire guide. Hiring a skip and hiring scaffolding are two expenses you could save money on just by reading my guides.

Hiring a skip for roofing services is the easiest and best way to get rid of the waste from an old roof. It is not cost-effective to make multiple trips to the local tip with a van full of broken tiles, slate, and bricks. By the time you factor in fuel costs, wear and tear on a van, and the time it takes to manually load a van with all of the waste from the roof, it would end up costing a lot more than hiring a skip.

There are different size skips available, and the size you need will depend on the size of your roof. Obviously, the size of the skip will affect the cost of skip hire. The bigger the skip, the more it will cost you.

This article about skip hire prices isn’t just for roofing services. You might want to hire a skip for removing all of the rubble from having a new driveway installed, or perhaps you just emptied your garage. Skips are used for all sorts of reasons because they are convenient, cost-effective, and can be outside your home in a couple of hours.

It pays to do some research about the cost of skip hire if you have no idea how much skip hire costs. You could contact two different skip hire companies in the same city, and one skip hire company would charge you a lot more to hire the same size skip.

So what do you do when you have so many skip hire companies at your fingertips, and they all charge different prices for hiring a skip? Well, that’s where I come in to help you make an informed decision and not get ripped off.

My roof advisor website has become one of the most trusted sources of roofing related information on the Internet. I go out of my way to help my readers get the best possible prices anywhere on the Internet. So if you need to hire a skip for roofing, building, gardening, or just emptying out your garage, make sure you check skip hire costs with me first.

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Skip Hire Cost

What Factors Affect the Costs of Hiring a Skip

If you are wondering what influences affect the prices of skip hire, there are several different factors that you need to consider. The first question you should ask yourself before contacting any skip hire company is what size skip do I need? The size of the skip that you require will have the most significant impact on how much you pay. Unfortunately, you can’t look at the biggest size skips and try to pay small skip prices. It just doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. Once you have an idea of what size skip you need, you can then start to look at the costs of hiring a skip.

Below I have listed all of the different factors that will affect the final price of skip hire.


We’ve already established that you need to have a rough idea of what size skip you require. Once you know what size skip you need, you then need to get an idea of how long you will need to hire the skip from the skip hire company. The longer the skip is part outside your property or business, the more you will have to pay. If you would like to save money on hiring a skip, you need to keep your skip hire time to a minimum. You have to make sure that you hire the skip long enough to get all of the waste in the skip before the skip hire company comes and takes it away.


Your location is one of the deciding factors when it comes to figuring out the costs of hiring a skip. Skip hire prices in London will cost more than outside of London. The costs of skip hire are lower in different parts of the country, and the capital is the most expensive. If you want to try and get the best prices on hiring a skip, you can always contact different skip hire companies and ask them for a quote. However, that seems like a lot of work to me, and I have made it very easy for you to get cheap skip hire quotes no matter where you live in the UK.


The type of waste you intend to put in the skip is also a factor that will affect skip hire costs. You can put various kinds of waste in a skip, but there are a few items that aren’t allowed to go in a skip. If the skip hire company finds you have put any of the restricted waste materials into one of their skips, you could end up paying more than you thought. Before you place any waste into a skip, make sure your familiar with the skip hire companies rules of what waste you are allowed to put into the skip. You can read my article about what waste you are allowed put into a skip.


The amount of waste you can put in a skip will depend on what skip hire company you choose. Every skip hire company has different weight policies for their skips. A good rule of thumb is 1 ton of weight is equal to1 cubic yard. If you have approximately 4 tonnes of waste, you will need a 4 yard skip. If you have roughly eight tons of rubbish, you will need an 8 yard skip. Be careful not to overload the skip because it might end up being too heavy.

Applying for a Permit from the Council 

If you hire a skip and it needs to be parked on a public place such as a road, then you will need a permit from the council. I have created a page that lists all of the councils throughout the country so you can find your local council and ask if you need a permit. Some people call a permit a “skip licence,” but they are both the same thing.

What Size Skip Should You Get?

Skips are available to hire in all different sizes, and the price of hiring a skip will depend on what size skip you choose. It is thought that the skip size you choose will have the biggest impact on skip hire prices. Obviously, the cost of a small skip wouldn’t be as much as the cost of a large skip. It all boils down to how much waste material can fit into skip.

If you would like to get the best prices for hiring a skip, then you’ll need to have an idea of the skip size that you will need to remove the amount of waste from your property. It’s not only the amount of waste you have to take into account but what type of waste. As explained earlier, the bigger the skip, the more it will cost. A lot of skip hire companies do their best to recycle as much waste as possible and try to keep the prices as low as possible for skip hire. Here you can see a lot of the different size skips available as well as the average prices to hire a skip throughout the UK.

Skip Sizes Available to Hire

2 Yard Mini Skip Hire
2 Yard Mini Skip

The 2 Yard Mini Skip:

If you only need a small skip for general household waste such as emptying your garage or tidying up your garden this size skip would be perfect. It holds between 20 and 30 bags of rubbish. Depending on your location, the approximate cost for a small skip of this size would be approximately £70. This 2 yard skip is an ideal size for residential use. You could also use a small skip of this size has a secondary skip if required. 

A 2 yard skip is a perfect size for anyone wishing to have a small amount of household waste taken away. It holds approximately 30 bags of rubbish.

3 Yard Mini Skip Hire
3 Yard Mini Skip

The 3 Yard Mini Skip:

If you need a slightly larger skip, you can take the next step up from the 2 yard skip and get a 3 yard skip. The 3 yard skip is perfect for getting rid of the waste from a kitchen or bathroom renovation or cleaning up the garden etc. you can put between 25 and 35 bags of rubbish in a 3 yard skip. The cost to hire a 3 yard skip is around £90.

A perfect size skip for DIY projects, garden clearance, and removing the waste from kitchen or bathroom renovation.

4 Yard Mini Skip
4 Yard Mini Skip

The 4 Yard Midi Skip:

The next step up from the 3 yard skip is the 4 yard skip. Hiring a 4 yard skip gives you a bit more room for the extra waste produced from construction projects at home. Kitchen or bathroom renovations, garden clearance, etc. you could fit approximately 40 bags of rubbish in a 4 yard skip. It would cost about £100 to hire a 4 yard skip.

A 4 yard skip is perfect for most household jobs such as garden clearance or kitchen and bathroom renovations. It can hold up to 40 bin bags of waste.

6 Yard Mini Skip
6 Yard Mini Skip

The 6 Yard Skip:

The 6 yard skip is a very popular size skip. Its larger size can carry approximately 65 black bags of rubbish. Hiring a 6 yard skip would be a good choice for those having to undertake garden clearances in a large garden and building work. You can put garden waste, bricks, and rubble into the skip making it perfect for home building projects and larger garden projects. It would cost approximately £120 to hire a 6 yard skip.

The 6 yard skip is a great choice for those who need to get rid of household waste, builder’s waste, and other big bulky materials.

8 Yard Mini Skip

The 8 Yard Skip:

An 8 cubic Yard Skip is a great all-around skip because it can be used for commercial or domestic purposes. Its size can easily accommodate big bulky items such as bathtubs, sinks, toilets, kitchen worktops, etc. People in the building trade refer to it as a builders skip. You can fit approximately 80 bags of rubbish in a builders skip, and it would cost about £160 to hire.

An 8 yard skip is an ideal size for taking away big bulky waste from either a domestic or commercial property.

10 Yard Mini Skip
10 Yard Mini Skip

The 10 Yard Skip:

A large skip of this size is usually used on commercial sites. A 10 yard skip is an ideal way to have large, bulky waste cleared immediately. Many people in the construction industry hire a large skip like this one because they can easily accommodate a lot of waste, such as paving slabs, bricks, concrete, and garden waste. You can put roughly 100 bags of rubbish into this skip. To hire a 10 yard skip would cost roughly £180.

A 10 yard skip is a perfect choice for builders, landscape gardeners, and those carrying out big DIY projects. It can hold approximately 100 bags of waste.

12 Yard Mini Skip
12 Yard Mini Skip

The 12 Yard Skip:

If you need a large size skip for domestic or commercial use, this size would be a good choice. You can easily remove piles of waste with the skip of this size. Whether you need to get rid of rubble, brick, or general rubbish, this should suit your needs. You can put approximately 120 bags of rubbish into a 12 yard skip. Hiring a 12 yard skip would cost around £220.

A good choice for those who have big bulky waste to get rid of or those who carry out large domestic house clearances.

14 Yard Mini Skip
14 Yard Mini Skip

The 14 Yard Skip:

This skip is one of the biggest skips available to hire. You can hire it for commercial or private and use. It holds a large amount of waste, and you might be quite surprised at how much it costs to hire. It has the capacity to carry about 145 bags of rubbish, and it would cost you approximately £220.

A large 14 yard skip is suitable for light waste materials. A great option for those who do garage, house or attic clearances, etc. You cannot use it for heavy builder’s waste.

16 Yard Mini Skip
16 Yard Mini Skip

The 16 Yard Skip:

Hiring a skip of this size gives you enough room to fit at least 170 bags of rubbish inside. This can also be used for domestic or commercial purposes. If you want value for money, then hiring a skip of this size would give you the most of your money. The costs of hiring a skip as large as this would be around £240.

If you need a large skip big enough to hold a small car, then this would be a good choice. A great size skip for shopfitters, light building projects, and large building projects in the home.

The 15 – 40 Yard Roll on Roll off Skip:

If you have a big commercial project, a large amount of bulky waste, or big house clearances, then a roll on roll off Skip would be a great choice. It’s huge size can cope with a large amount of waste produced from large construction projects. Some people refer to them as RoRo skips because it quicker and easier to say. RoRo skip hire is available in the following cubic yard sizes. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40.

Roll on roll off skip hire
Roll on roll off skip

Roll on roll off (RoRo) skips are available to hire in 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 Cubic yards. The 40 cubic yard RoRo skips come with a compactor to compress the waste.

Large roll on roll off skip hire is the most suitable for big commercial projects. Big RoRo skips are also ideal for those who have a lot of lighter, bulky waste to get rid of from big house clearances. Builders prefer to hire large roll on roll off skips when they have big building projects.

If you have a lot of big bulky waste to remove, you should consider hiring a large RoRo skip. Roll on roll off skips can easily transport huge amounts of waste. If you want the easiest and simplest way to remove large quantities of waste, RoRo skip hire would be your best option.

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What Benefits Does a Skip Hiring Company Offer?

If you are having a new garage roof installation, the waste from the old roof will need to be taken away. Can you imagine how much waste will be piled up outside your property? Hiring a skip from a skip hiring service will benefit you because it’ll save you countless journeys to the tip with vanloads of broken tiles or slates. The waste from your old roof can go straight into a skip parked outside your home. No matter what building or landscaping project you have going on at your property, it is going to generate a lot of waste. Bricks, rocks, concrete, roof tiles, or timber will soon pile up outside your home and will need to be taken away. A skip hire service will take all this away for you and use their recycling facilities to dispose of the waste in the best possible way.

A skip hiring service offers you many benefits. It saves you money, time, and a lot of effort. Most skip hire companies in the UK use their own recycling centres to recycle the waste produced from your home. Not only do they take your waste away for you, but they also protect the environment from pollution and waste. Building sites benefit by having clean and tidy sites that make it safe for people to walk around while there is construction going on.

If you would like to get a few free quotes from local skip hire companies, just click on this link and write a brief description of your job . Whether you need to hire a skip for a new roof replacement or you need a larger roll on roll off Skip for a bigger commercial project, click on the link above and you will get the best prices possible on skip hire.

Skip Hire Prices by Region

Depending on where you live will affect skip hire prices. If you live in the North of England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, you will benefit from cheap skip hire prices than what skip hire companies in London will charge. If you live in London or the South of England, the prices of skip hire are usually higher. The cost of living in the south of England are higher than in the North of England. For example if you were to hire a 6 yard skip in London you would pay anywhere in between £135-£225. However, if you lived in Yorkshire, the same skip would cost approximately £90-£115. If you want to get the best prices for skip hire, use my skip hire contact form, and I will shop around and get you the best quotes absolutely free of charge.

Are there any hidden costs or charges I should be aware of?

When you hire a skip, this should be no hidden charges. An area where people sometimes get confused is when skip hire companies provide people with a quote but do not include VAT (value added tax). Some companies include VAT within the quote, whilst others do not and add it on afterward. I always advise my readers to check that whoever you get your skip hire quotes from make sure the quotes are inclusive of VAT.

Once you have hired a skip, it is up to you to make sure what has been put in it. You have to be careful of fly tippers looking for somewhere to dump their rubbish. An empty skip is a perfect place for these unscrupulous individuals. If the skip hire company finds prohibited items in your skip, you may be charged additional fees because the requires specialist disposal.

Restricted Items in skip hire

It is important to remember that when you hire a skip, it comes with certain responsibilities. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw anything you like into a skip because some items are hazardous to the environment. If you have any of the restricted items that are not allowed to be placed in a skip, you should be able to take them to your local council’s recycling centre. Below is a list of items that are not allowed to be put in a skip:

  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Oil, solvents, and paint
  • TVs, fridges, microwaves, etc
  • hazardous waste such as explosives or asbestos
  • plasterboard must be disposed of separately

Different skip hire companies have different rules about what you can and cannot put into one of their skips. If you are not sure if a particular item is allowed to put into one of their skips, always ask the skip hire provider beforehand.

Once the skip hire company has taken away your skip, its contents will be emptied into the recycling centre and sorted into piles accordingly. If you are thinking about taking a chance on throwing any restricted items into the bottom of the skip and piling rubble and bricks etc. on top of it, you will be found out. You can expect to receive a bill for extra disposal fees if you place prohibited items into a skip.