Here’s How to SAVE BIG MONEY on Roofing Services

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Starting Today, You Can Avoid This 1 Costly Mistake Which 94% of People Make When They Need Roofing Services

The biggest mistake you will ever make is going direct to a roofing company and asking for a quote.

It doesn’t matter how you get in touch with them, you will pay a lot more than someone who doesn’t contact them directly.

Don’t believe me?

Try buying a cheap plane ticket direct from Virgin Airlines or British Airways.

It’s way more expensive trying to buy a plane ticket direct from the company rather than buying one through a 3rd party.

Stupid isn’t it. It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it’s a tax fiddle. Who knows.

Anyway, that’s the weird world we live in.

Here’s How Roofing Companies Trick You into Paying their Highest Fees and What You Can do to Avoid Paying Them

Did you know that roofing companies have different price structures?

The price you pay for your roofing services will depend on which price structure you find yourself on.

Allow me to explain.

A customer contacts a roofing company and asks for a quote. Immediately, the person from the roofing company is pondering about which one of the following pricing structures to put you on.

Price structure 1. The customer is unknown. Customer will pay the highest costs for everything. Price structure one is usually the one that will apply in this scenario and is the most expensive.

You do not want to be on price structure one.

Price structure 2. The customer is familiar and has used our roofing services several times in the past. The customer has referred work to friends or family. Let’s give this customer a slightly better deal, so they keep coming back and referring work.

I don’t know what you think, but none of these options seem particularly appealing to me. Especially where large sums of money are concerned.

If You Want to Dodge Paying More Money than Necessary for Roofing Services, You Need to Listen to Me

Have you ever heard the old saying it’s not what you know but who you know? That saying is still true today.

I made hundreds of phone calls and sent hundreds of emails in my quest to find the best prices for you. In short, I have done all of the donkey work so you don’t have to.

After sitting down and comparing all of the roofing quotes I received, I eventually found a website that consistently give me the cheapest quotes for roofing services.

The best part is, you don’t have to go chasing around after roofers either…..they come chasing after you!

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Good Luck!

Jim Ardale – Roof Advisor