Cost of Velux Windows (Installation, Repair & Replacement)

If your home has too many dark corners for your liking, one way to combat it is to have roof windows installed.

By having windows installed on your roof, the sunlight will be able to flood the rooms with natural light and transform your home. You will no longer have to put up with poorly lit stairwells or a dark loft conversion.

Roof windows, skylights, and Velux windows are all the same thing – windows in the roof.

You don’t have to worry about trying to find a skylight that will match your home’s aesthetics, and there are plenty of different designs to choose from. If you are concerned about security, there is a wide variety of locking mechanisms available, and I’m sure you will find one that will meet your requirements.

What Are Velux Windows?

Velux is simply a brand name for a particular roof window design. No different from Coca-Cola or Pepsi. The brand name Velux has become so popular; many people think that all roof windows are called Velux windows.

We have established that Velux is just a brand name, I will continue to use the term Velux windows throughout this article because that’s what my readers are familiar with.

It does not matter what we call them; having skylights installed on the roof is a fabulous benefit to your home and will only increase its value.

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How Much do Velux Windows Cost?

You can buy Velux windows in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. No matter how big or small, you should be able to find a roof window in the size and shape you require. 

The cost of Velux windows is not what you would call cheap to buy, but the prices don’t vary that much from other types of skylights. If you are wondering how much it will cost to have skylights installed, it is important to understand that there is a lot more work involved than you think. The roof has to be opened up so the installers can carry out the roof window installation. 

Once the skylight has been installed, more work needs to be carried out to ensure the roof is safe and watertight.

  • Roof tiles, felt and battens have to be removed, so the installers have access to the roof rafters.

  • An opening in the roof will be made to the required dimensions of the skylight by cutting and strengthening the roof rafters.

  • A timber framework will need to be constructed to support the frame of the roof window.

  • Fit the skylight onto the framework

  • Roof tiles, felt and flashing will need to be replaced to make sure the roof and the window are watertight.

  • Check the ceiling inside the roof and make it good if necessary.

The majority of the Velux window installation will be carried out from the outside of the roof. The roof window installers will need scaffolding to ensure they can carry out the work safely.

Read my free guide to scaffolding costs if you would like more information about the costs of hiring scaffolding.

To anyone who is not a professional in this line of work, this may seem like a difficult job. However, a trained professional will find this relatively easy as long as the location is accessible. It is not a recommended DIY project unless you are a skilled professional and have experience working at heights.

As you can see, the cost of hiring scaffolding, as well as all of the extra work involved, increases the overall cost of the job. The cost of a roof window installation will depend on how big the opening has to be in the roof, the type of roof covering on the roof, the style of roof as well as the height and accessibility. It’s just a good job that even the cheap Velux windows are designed to need very little maintenance and can last for a very long time.

How Much Does Velux Window Installation Cost?

There is a lot more work involved than you would think when it comes to a roof window installation. You need to make sure that your budget is large enough to cover the cost of a Velux window and labour and scaffolding costs. An opening in the roof will have to be made by cutting the roof timbers and strengthening them for a skylight to be installed. Once the skylight installation is complete, it may be necessary to carry out a small amount of plastering work on the inside of the roof space. 

  • Large skylight (140 cm x 170 cm)

Converted lofts, single story extensions, and above stairwells are the most common places where you will find large skylights flooding the area with natural light. Skylight installation costs are usually somewhere in between £1250 and £1600.

  • Small Velux window (65 cm x 100 cm)

You are most likely to find a small window of this size installed in a bathroom area. The cost of a small Velux window installation is usually somewhere around £800 to £1100. The cost includes making alterations in the roof, installing the window, fitting the flashings, insulation and, collar as well as disposing of the waste. The cost of a small Velux window installation in London is likely to cost about an extra £150.

Velux Window Replacement

If you need a Velux window repair, it may not cost as much as you think. There’s a good chance you won’t have to replace the entire unit. You might get away with just replacing the glass or installing new flashing. If a contractor looks at your skylight and recommends replacing the whole unit, you can get an idea of the costs below.

Large roof window (135 cm x 160 cm)                                                                                       

  • A large skylight window replacement cost is likely to be around £1100 and £1350.

Small Velux window (65 cm x 100 cm)                                                                                      

  • The cost to replace a small Velux window is likely to be around £600 and £900. These costs include the disposal of the waste as well as replacing the window. If you live in London, you should expect the costs to be slightly higher.

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What is the Cost of a Velux Window Repair?

It is possible to have a Velux window repair without having to replace the entire unit. If you have the model of the window and the exact measurements, it shouldn’t be too difficult for an experienced contractor to repair. A professional will be able to replace the glass or replace the flashings without replacing the entire unit. 

If you find out that you need to replace the entire unit, you can get an idea of how much it is likely going to cost below:

  • The cost of a large window on the roof varies between £1100 to £1400
  • The cost of a small Velux window is around £600-£900

No matter where you live in the UK, the cost of brand-new skylights are likely to be pretty much the same. It’s only the cost of labour that varies depending on where you live. As you might have guessed, if you live in London, you’re likely to pay more for the labour costs than you are if you live in the North.

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Types of Velux Windows

In case you didn’t know, Velux is just a brand name of a roof window. There are many different brand name skylights to choose from; Velux just happens to be one of them. 

You would be amazed at how many people believe that all roof windows are called Velux windows. I suppose that’s what you call good marketing by Velux.

There are a wide variety of brand name skylights available. The most popular brands are Velux, FAKRO, ECO+, RoofLITE, ROTO, Keylight, and Heritage. I would suggest you take your time finding the perfect window for your roof, and once you have chosen one, find a professional tradesperson to install it for you.

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Here are the different types of skylights available for your home:

  • Top Hung / MOE: The top Hung is one of the most popular skylights because of its means of escape capabilities. A top Hung roof window has the hinge at the top, which allows you to open the window all the way. If you have a converted attic with a tight staircase leading up to it, a top hung window would be an excellent escape route if there was a fire. 
  • Side Hung: as you can imagine, the side Hung window opens from the side.                                                                                                                                          
  • Centre pivot: The Velux brand is what made the centre pivot skylight so popular.The window pane is hung on a joint halfway down the frame. The centre pivot allows the window to be opened while the window pane itself lies flat.
  • Roto Third Pivot is not too much different from the centre pivot made famous by Velux, except that it has two arms fitted on the exterior.
  • Balcony or Terrace: as the top part of the window opens up, the bottom part opens out into a small balcony area that you can stand in and enjoy the view.

There is a wide variety of finishes available from skylight manufacturers. The most popular type of finish is either white UPVC or pine. If you would like a particular colour, you may have to shop around or contact the manufacturers directly and ask if your specific colour is available.

Other Cost Considerations 

When you are planning your budget for a roof window installation or having one repaired, you must carefully consider all of the costs involved. Depending upon how accessible your roof is, you may need to hire scaffolding, which can be expensive to hire.

Accessibility to your roof will determine whether you need scaffolding or not. If it is difficult and dangerous to access your roof, scaffolding will be required. Having to hire scaffolding will take a significant chunk out of your budget, so just be aware. Another hidden cost that you might not be aware of is vapour barriers. Vapour barriers are needed to prevent the buildup of condensation on the inside of the windows. If you are replacing a skylight, you must install a vapour barrier.

If you wanted to upgrade your roof window by adding security glass, electric openers, opening rods, or additional shutters or blinds, it would raise the costs even more.

If you don’t think your budget would stretch as far as you imagined, there are ways of saving some money. You don’t have to buy a Velux window; you could buy a cheaper alternative instead. You could look into having your existing roof window repaired instead of replacing the whole unit.

Having a roof light installed will flood your home with natural light and increase the value of your property. Take your time and shop around for a window that fits within your budget. Try and keep labour costs down as much as possible, and it might not cost as much as you thought.

Velux Window FAQ

How would having Velux Windows affect your property?

Having windows installed on your roof will transform a dark, miserable room into a bright and cheerful space because of the natural light flooding the room.

Although no extra space is gained by having skylights installed, it makes the room seem larger than it is by replacing a solid ceiling with panes of glass.

Not only will Velux windows enhance the exterior of your property, but they will also increase its resale value.

Are there any disadvantages to having Velux windows installed that I should know about?

Even though these types of skylights are built to very high standards, they must be able to endure the same punishment as the roof. Roof windows are pounded by high winds, rain, and hail, which means they will need servicing and some general maintenance to keep them in tiptop condition. The windows on a roof will require more routine maintenance than regular house windows.

Something else worth noting is the noise from the wind and the rain. The noise can be accentuated because of the angle of the roof. If you have had an attic conversion and plan to use it as an office or a bedroom, you may find the noise of the rain tapping on the glass a bit annoying.

If you are planning on having skylights installed in a converted loft, you may want to look at what other roof windows are available. There are many different styles, colours, and designs available to you.

A converted attic is required by law to have windows. However, the law does not state that they have to be windows installed on the roof. If your budget is big enough, you might want to consider having a Mansard loft conversion. Having a Mansard loft conversion would increase the floor and headspace. Increasing the floor and headspace would allow for having traditional windows installed instead of having to have windows on the roof.

What are the benefits of Having Velux windows?

When comparing traditional windows to skylights, skylights win every time. Traditional windows cannot flood the room with natural light because of the way they are positioned. On the other hand, a skylight sits snugly on the roof and allows the natural sunlight to come beaming in and flood the entire room.

If you have decided that you would like to buy Velux brand windows, here are some of the features to the forward to:

  • It can open and close automatically. Some models have weather sensors to detect if it is too hot or about to rain.
  • No need to modify the roof structure to have them installed.
  • Remote control capabilities so you can open and close the windows if they are too high to reach.

It does not matter which brand of roof window you choose. All brands of skylight will flood your rooms with natural sunlight and make them much more pleasant.

Do I have to get planning permission to have Velux windows installed?

You do not need planning permission to have any type of roof windows installed because they fall under the permitted development directive. However, a skylight installation has to meet the following criteria:

  • If you have a side facing window, you have to make sure it is obscure glazed. All openings have to be at least 1.7 m above the floor.
  • Any alterations to a roof cannot be higher than the tallest part of the roof.
  • Alterations to a roof are not allowed to project more than 150mm from the roof plane.

Skylights meet these criteria, so there shouldn’t be a problem. If in doubt, contact your local planning authority for your peace of mind.

How long does it take to install a Velux window?

Roof window installation usually takes between one and two days for a professional. Some installations can take longer than others due to the amount of work that needs to be carried out during the installation.


If you are considering having roof windows installed, make sure you have considered everything. If your roof is difficult to access, you may have to pay for scaffolding on top of everything else.

The only sure fire way to find out the cost of Velux windows for your home is to get some quotes.

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Good Luck!

Jim Ardale – Roof Advisor